Matching Up China and the US



In university, I devoted my studies to Finance and the Chinese language and culture. So when I went to study abroad in China, everyone half-expected it, but I still received poignant remarks about eating chicken feet and being safe with a different government and a different set of rules. What bothered me the most, however, was when people said that China was “taking over the world” or warned me about the restrictiveness of the Chinese government. I had a brilliant time traveling through Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, and even Hainan “the Hawai’i of China.” I had a life-changing job, studied at a top international university, met an incredible network of people, and developed a love for the people (and food) of China. I would recommend this study abroad experience to everyone!

I found this infographic on Richard Brubaker’s site. Richard is a man renowned for this experience as a consultant and teacher in the Chinese landscape and I have found his work and blog to be a true thermometer to ideas and movement in China. We have numbers thrust upon us everyday, from every new source imaginable. Sometimes an illustration of the culmination of these ideas puts things in perspective.

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