McKinsey Survey Projects the World’s Economic Outlook

Cargo ShipThis September, McKinsey made four major projections based on conversations with executives from around the globe.

1. Developed markets will lead growth in the future.

2. Developing market  concerns are unemployment, inflation, and currency depreciation against the US dollar.

3. Political instability is seen as an increasing risk to growth.

4. Concerns of executives by region: Asia-Pacific- low consumer demand; Eurozone- low consumer demand; India- insufficient government policy support; North America- geopolitical instability; both developing and developed countries- low consumer demand.


As a market analyst intern for IBM in China, I spent a great deal of time working on economic projections for the Automotive and Fast Food Industries. One of my favorite publications was the McKinsey and Company Global Survey results. I recommend you sign up for McKinsey emails because they have insight into many global and local trends.

Keeping yourself informed in the modern world seems incredibly easy since we are surrounded by news on our smartphones, computers, radios, and TVs. But the quality of the news should be called into question. I frequently find reports that paint a biased or incorrect picture of actual events. Moving forward, be sure to check your sources for credibility. I think biases  are more difficult to navigate, but perhaps analyzing what the party is trying to sell may make their payouts more clear.

The entire report can be found here: