A Brief Hiatus

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your comments and questions. As you know, I have been using this blog for the past couple of months to document my thoughts and travels. This summer has included a six week stint in London and a four week interlude in the Pennsylvanian mountains- Eagles Mere to be exact. The rest has been spent with my four grandparents and close family.

Since I have not posted in a month, apologies are in order, but also some catching up. This August I completed my BSBA Finance degree. These past three years have gone by in a whirlwind. I began as a Political Science major with the intention of entering the foreign service. Then Mandarin classes convinced me to major in Chinese, and after six months in Shanghai, I settled on Finance and Chinese.

After the mentorship of an Executive-in-Residence at my business school, I decided to condense my degree to three years and minor in Chinese.  A final summer at the London School of Economics was the cherry on top of my education. I had the opportunity to compare my schooling against the very best international students in Finance. Not only did I come back with an amazing international network, but I also tested very well against my peers which included graduate and post-graduate students from countries as varying as Pakistan, Denmark, and Mexico.

Today, my graduation certificate came in the mail—which begs the question: what next?

Follow and we shall see. It wouldn’t be any fun to spoil the surprise!

Moon, Pa