The People of San Francisco

This past February I took a trip out to San Francisco to meet with a friend from Shanghai. My experience with the West Coast was mainly from San Diego and Nationals for field hockey in central Cali. The city was beautiful , but the people were what really stood out. DSC_0085Whether working or going about their daily routine, the people of San Francisco had a rough stubbornness about them. Below is Michael, who is homeless and came up to me asking for money. I told him that I would pay him to pose for me. He spent five minutes fluffing out his sweatshirt and updating his hairdo, but then he flashed this grin.

DSC_0010I love how after all the effort to fix his hair, he plopped a hat over his efforts.  DSC_0018This guy was weaving in and out of the cars towing a shopping car. The cars seemed not to notice him, but rather to act as if he were a traffic pole, weaving impatiently around him. DSC_0013

I was lucky enough to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This fellow was taking his job very seriously, flanked by what looked to be both his parents. 20130224_120056

And finally, these stoic guys. Looking quite sober, they watched over the exhibit hall of the Asian Art Museum.