The Mojito



It is summer! And that can only mean one thing: mojitos! These guys take a little bit of work and a lot of lime-squeezing, but are certainly worth it. Come one come all! Let the summer nights commence.

Recipe for 2 people- tall glasses!

1cup fresh squeezed lime juice

1cup club soda

1cup Rum! (Mount Gay is the best) 

1cup simple syrup infused with mint  

Sprigs of Mint for muddling and Ice Cubes

To make the simple syrup: boil 1cup of water then add two cups of sugar, bring to a boil again to make sure the sugar is melted. Take off the heat and add mint leaves. Cool in the fridge.

To prepare: squeeze your limes for all their worth, mix in soda, rum, and simple syrup in a pitcher. Prepare the mint sprigs by plucking off the leaves and twisting them between your fingers, then mash them with ice in the bottom of your glasses.


Enjoy! Happy Summer!